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Siberian cattery TALAN: about us

Siberian cats charmed me with their grace, dignity, restrained character and high intelligence.
For me, a Siberian cat is a mystery, pride, joy and a lot of work.

Siberian cattery Talan - history

  • Photo siberian cat black mackerel tabby Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri SIB n23

  • Photo siberian cat black silver patched spotted tabby Janina Manchzhury SIB fs24

  • Photo siberian cat black spotted tabby Zhiharka Manchzhury SIB n24

  • Photo siberian cat red spotted tabby Villi Talan SIB d24

Siberian cattery Talan is a young cattery. 
It was registered at the WCF system in August 2013.

Janina Manchzhury is my first Siberian cat and the founder of the cattery.
Her color is rare - black silver patched spotted tabby. 
Wonderful, darling, loving girl!!!! 
My love for her is only growing over the years.
She came from cattery Manchzhury (Russia, Voronezh).

A few months later I bought one more Siberian cat with coal-black marble tabby color – Vita Manchzhury. 
Excellent marble pattern, charming look and calm character - the embodiment of the real Siberian cat. 
Many thanks for these wonderful cats to Natalya Khomyak - owner of the cattery Manchzhury and now my closest friend.

Once we have Siberian female cats in the cattery, there must be a Siberian male cat!
Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri – is my pride!!! 
A long way from the snow Krasnoyarsk was not easy! As people are different, cats do not look like each other.
For him, it was hard to get into the cats collective. He adapted to a new place, to new people and to a necessity to participate in exhibitions for a long time. But love and time make us wiser and better. He grew up, became stronger, gained weight, which is typical for the breed. And we go up the stairs career, conquering new peaks. 
Thanks for the wonderful boy to Larissa Radjabova and her cattery Dostoyaniye Sibiri.

Cattery grows and develops. And now, from my first cats were born kittens. Siberian kittens of good breeding quality. They went to other catteries of Russia and other countries of the world. From the second litter of Jana and Lazar in the cattery stayed Siberian male cat with rare spotted tabby color - Villi Talan. Large, with the good pedigree. When he was 4 months old, he became the best kitten at the exhibition in Saratov.

The cattery is breeding cats with different tabby colors. These are silver and forest colors from black to warm brown and in the future red colors. The tabby color emphasizes the connection with nature and the cat looks organically in the natural environment, and in the apartment.

Luxury cat flatters the vanity of the owner, becomes the pride and the full member of the family.

The health of our breeding Siberian cats

We pay much attention to the health of our cats. In the cattery, all Siberian cats, which are involved in the breeding program, screened for heart and kidney diseases. We have a veterinarian who leads the cats from birth to old age – his name is Eugene Saraev, huge thanks to him. Competent consultations, correct prescribing of medications, a desire to help little patients – all these things our doctor is doing. Regular vaccinations, anthelmintic therapy, regular flea processing – our planned work.

Proper care

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  • photo siberian cats cattery Talan

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  • Photo enclosure

Adult cats are kept separately from kittens, it avoids the various problems associated with infection from adults through the tray and the bowls.

Siberian male cats are kept separately, so we don’t have unplanned litters. Cats most of the year living in the enclosures, that is why they have a beautiful coat throughout the year, a shorter period of molting and stable nervous system. The enclosure has a warm house with furniture for the comfort of the cold season.

Siberian female cats have their own enclosure, but during the last days of pregnancy, childbirth and growing kittens cats live at home.  If two cats have kittens at the same time, they live in different rooms, did not intersect.

Our cats are fed by food Sanabelle, which is made in Germany, it is a food of super premium class. Cat recovering well after giving birth on this feed, kittens grow well and gain weight. Cats look great. Besides dry food animals get raw meat (they are predators), quail eggs, cheese. We do not cook porridge, soups, we feed correctly and balanced our pets.

Do you become interested and you want to take real Siberian male or Siberian female?

Come, look, we always welcome!!!

Visit us again and again!!!!!

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