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Despite the fact that our cattery is geographically located in the glorious city Saratov, Siberian kittens from our cattery also live in our glorious capital Moscow and in the legendary St. Petersburg, they live all around Russia and abroad.

I and my Siberian cats regularly take an active part in all international and world felinological exhibitions.

We also take part in international exhibitions in the capital of our country - city-hero Moscow.

Moscow takes us always welcome and gives us and our pets a lot of positive emotions.

International cat show in Moscow.

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 When we first visited the International cats exhibition in Moscow together with my loved Siberian cat Willie Talan, we received a lot of positive emotions from Moscow and its citizens, and from the exhibition, from participation in events and competitions, and from communication with professionals, who all soul in love with his job.  

From the moment of arrival in Moscow everything was going smoothly and easily positively.

Moscow met us with good sunshine and hundreds of smiles at the sight of my Willy. 

photo buy Siberian kitten Moscow  (3)On the platform of the railway station, Willie brought undisguised delight on the faces of people who have seen his charming serious snout that looked out cat box.

Villie Talan, with his imperturbable calm, began his journey for the conquest of the hearts of Muscovites on the streets, and continued it in the exhibition hall where he caught on himself admiring glances of visitors.

Beautiful autumn weather, which are scattered yellow leaves of trees on the grass, that was still green, lawn on the streets of Moscow, and promised us with Willie a peerless day! And it happened!
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Some of the breeders can say that any large official events such as the International Cat Show - this is not an entertainment program, this is a test for the professional breeder and his animals, that are exhibited at the show. Maybe ... I will not argue ... Personally I do not feel the stress and tension of such events. I like the changes, change of scenery, travels and new acquaintances with interesting for me people. I think that my mood is transferred to my pet, that amaze strangers with their friendliness and tranquility. Perhaps someone will say that the cat is just used for international exhibitions, because from the very young age he attended such important for his future career events, and it didn’t just take part, but also repeatedly took prizes and high ratings. "It may even be true" - I will answer this opponent. But, in any case, Villy Talan did not disappointand me and in this time, he has pleased me with his calm attitude while changing, familiar to him, situation and at the sight of strangers. Well done! I love you very much, my beloved treasure!

My impressions of Moscow.

photo buy siberian kitten moscow  (2)I also would like to share my impressions about Moscow.
When I come to cat shows in other cities, I always try to find a way to see historical sights. So this time, though free time was quite a bit, I had time to admire the rich with architectural monuments Moscow.
When you arrive in Moscow, you may not even be distracted from your planned route, because you anyway will find echoes of history. Monuments and sculptures - it is impossible to imagine Moscow without it. Golden domes of churches and cathedrals, which shimmer under the rays of still bright autumn sun, they spill the grace on people admiring them.
I fell in love with Moscow, despite its endless turmoil. Hundreds of people in the streets of the city, merging into a single river of life, give visitors of Moscow from other cities, who are used to a measured quiet life, they give a boost and new horizons, set a new pace for their lives, pushing for achievements, make you think about your life.
In other words, Moscow – it is difficult, complex, proud and independent city. Moscow is so authoritative that dictates to its citizens the pace of life and its conditions. Beautiful, complex, not simple, but very fateful city that bursts into your life from the platform, and makes you wonder, makes you admire and experience the sea of emotions that are difficult to describe in words. I love Moscow! I like to spend time in Moscow! I like everything I see, even if it is not perfect and not perfect.
I am always with great joy sell my kittens to residents of this metropolis.

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In my cattery you can buy Siberian kitten with the breeding right and for non-breeding (simply, this lovely creation will give you joy, and his devotion to 24 hours a day).
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