Canadian Sphynxes from TALAN

There are two Canadian sphynxes except the Siberian breed cats in our cattery.

Canadian Sphynxes - how it is all started.

Our first cat Rafaela is a gift to our eldest daughter for her birthday. We did not plan to use her as a breeding animal. However, Svetlana Bochkova - head of «Koshkin Dom» club, insisted on the Rafaela’s participation in the exhibition. And we were surprised by good marks, wins in the ring and a nomination for Best in Show of our beauty!

This is how the breeding program of the Canadian sphinx Rafaela has appeared.

In her first litter there were 4 kittens (2 males and 2 females). One of the girls was a rare color chocolate harlequin and stayed with us in the cattery. Her name is Antika Talan. This gentle, quiet, humble, trustful cat became our star.

Her mother Canadian sphynx Rafaela finished her breeding and spayed. She started a happy life as home pet!!!

And Canadian sphynx Antika Talan is waiting for show career and participation in the breeding program of the «Koshkin Dom»  club.

The contrast between the powerful, large and fluffy Siberian cats and graceful Canadian Sphynxes is very large. That is why these two breeds look more interesting.

All cats are friends to each other.

Canadian sphinxes cats can take a pencil or a thick stick paws and run with it. Curious, inquisitive, restless, always coming up with new games. At the same time very focused on the owner. Canadian Sphynx are very sociable. Participation in house affairs - an obligatory condition for these fidgets. Canadian Sphynx are not aggressive, they would rather be offended than will show aggression. They are always ready to warm you and take your love.

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