Cat show in Volgograd October 29-30, 2016

Лазарь Достояние Сибири на международной выставке кошек в Волгограде

Autumn pleased Siberian cats cattery Talan with starfall of awards and achievements!
I am pleased to share with you the positive news!

I'll start with my pride, with my charming cat Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri!

Lazar is a breeding cat of cattery.
I often visit with him the international cat shows.
In the news blog, I wrote about his numerous achievements at international cat shows.
And now, finally, I am proud to announce that Lazar has closed a title of World Champion!
At the last cat show he also took the 9th place in WCF ring of adults and received a nomination for Best.
You can see participation of cat Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri in the international cat show in photo report.
I posted in this news article a few Lazar's photos from the show.

One more my joy and hope of Talan cattery - breeding cat Villi Talan!

Villi was born in my cattery!
From early childhood, he developed correctly and gave great hopes, bringing joy me with his beauty and character!

That is why, I feel doubly proud of his racing career!
Villi Talan closed the title of Grand International Champion (GICh) at the November show.
At the same time, we are not going to stop!
I hope that in the near future Villi Talan, as well as Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri, will close the highest title!
We are already preparing to continue his career!

Some news about the fair sex of Talan )))

Eva Talan

Before you lower ⇊ photos of Eva from the cat show in Volgograd on October 29-30, 2016.
Ева Талан Eva TalanClub Amulet-Сat held a cat show.
At this cat show Eva Talan participated in the Junior class.
It is her results:

  1. She took 2nd place in WCF ring of juniors (21 animals participated in the ring);
  2. 3rd place in the ring of silver colors;
  3. Best opposite sex junior 2 days (she became the best female-cat of two days in junior class)!

Eva Talan just at the very beginning of her career!
I am planning to continue to participate with her in international cat shows!
This charming creature stays in my cattery as a breeding cat! This means that in a very short time Eva will become an adult cat and will please all of us with her charming kittens )))

Zabava Talan

Finally, news about the youngest participant of the international cat show from cattery Talan!
The name of this furry creature - Zabava Talan!
Zabava Talan was born on May 13, 2016.
She took part in her first cat show in the kittens class. And experts liked her very much )))
Zabava Talan took 10th place In the WCF ring of kittens!
In the ring "Amber and Gold" - 2nd place!
And also received a nomination for Best!
A good start! Excellent results! Owner-breeder (that is, I) is happy )))
I leave Zabava Talan in my cattery as a future breeding cat!
And I hope that we will be able to announce new conquest of tops of international cat shows soon!
Photos from the cat show with Zabava Talan ⇊

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