New litter in Talan cattery by Valentine's Day :)

pitomnik sibirskikh kotyat Talan fevral' 2017Citizens of the country, which is called Siberian cats cattery TALAN, are looking forward to a holiday of all who are in love!
Valentine's Day should bring with it not only a festive atmosphere, but also a new litter from loving couple Villi Talan and Zhiharka Manchzhury!

Proud father of the future family Villi Talan is the owner of luxurious exterior, rare red spotted tabby color and great character!
All these advantages allowed him to make a brilliant career at the international cat shows!
Villi Talan is Grand International Champion (WCF)!
This is why we are looking forward to the birth of his offspring, and we hope that all these kittens will be as wonderful as their dad :)
"What kind of kittens had been born from pride of our cattery – Villi Talan?" - you ask.
On May 13, 2016 from Villi Talan and Kamelia Vologda Lace were born next kittens: Zagadka Talan, Zimushka Talan and Zabava Talan.
To see photos of all kittens from this litter, please go to the following link:
They are adorable, aren’t they? :)
On March 24, 2016 from Vita Manchzhury and Villi Talan were born four lovely creatures which we named Julien Talan, Jasmine Talan, Jaklin Talan and Janet Talan.
You can see their photos here:
Did you like kittens from our Villi Talan?  :)

Mother of kittens Zhiharka Manchzhury – Mrs. tenderness and caring mom :)
Her previous litter she raised as well-mannered and worthy kittens :)
Girls Afrodita, Avrora, Ariya and boys Atay, Agat were born and were similar to each other so much that we started to distinguish them only at the age of two months old :)
How was it?
You can see photos of this litter here:
Zhiharka Manchzhury gave birth to this litter from another cat. Father of these kittens was our Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri (World Champion WCF).
Now we are looking forward to kittens from her and from our Grand International Champion WCF Villi Talan! :)

Kittens of what colors should be born from this loving couple?
Kittens-boys in this litter will be black spotted tabby (n 24).
Here are the photos of kittens from previous litters of the same color n 24:

Kittens-girls in this litter will be black tortie spotted tabby (f 24).
Here are the photos of kittens from previous litters of the same color f 24:

We are already taking applications for kittens from the litter that will be born by Valentine's Day! :)

Contact us via the contact form on our official website and write what kitten do you want to buy:

We are waiting for your applications!
New litter in Talan cattery by Valentine's Day :)
Advance reservation of Siberian kittens!

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