Our plans for 2017

In Siberian cattery Talan, by the end of 2017, it is planned to have several litters of Siberian kittens. Read in this news detail about the breeding pairs and the preliminary reservation of kittens!

Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko + Villi Talan

Our charming Siberian cat Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko, whom we gently call at home "Tira", will soon become a mom! In early April, she visited the exhibition TOPCAT Final 2016, where she became the Champion of the breed on the WCF system.
The father of kittens - Grand International Champion (WCF) Villi Talan.
We are waiting for the addition in the family in the middle of June!

Janina Manchzhury + Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri

Also at the end of June we expect litter from an already established breeding pair!
Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri is our World Champion (WCF) and the absolute winner of the recent international cat show.
Janina Manchzhury - black silver patched spotted tabby Siberian cat - Grand International Champion WCF, and also a loving and caring mother :)

Why an "established pair"?
Because Lazar and Janina have already given birth to several litters. Many of their children are well exhibited in Russia and abroad (USA, Canada, Norway, etc.), including Villi Talan and Eva Talan, who were left in the cattery for further breeding work.

Eve Talan + secret :)

Eva Talan is our young Champion WCF! Soon we plan to mate her with an excellent Siberian cat.
Wait for the details soon :)

Zabava Talan + secret :)

Zabava Talan - our fiery beauty! Soon we plan to mate her with an excellent Siberian cat.
Wait for the details soon :)

Preliminary reservation of Siberian kitten

Do you want to buy a Siberian kitten from one of these breeding pairs?
We suggest you send a preliminary application for a kitten.
In the application, be sure to include all the important points and parameters for the desired kitten:
sex of kitten, color, the purpose of buying (as a pet or for breeding), parents,
and do not forget to specify the city and country of your residence!
I will send the conditions of the preliminary reservation in the reply letter.
I will answer all your questions with pleasure!

You can send a preliminary application for a kitten through the form on the page "Contacts":

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