Now Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko in Talan family :)

Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko (7)We have a new resident in our spacious TALAN house!
We decided to share our joy with you, dear visitors of our site :)
After overcoming the vast distances of our boundless Russia, Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko came to our cattery!
She began her journey to us in Vladivostok, leaving her previous home – Sidimi cattery.
And then, finally, she came to our TALAN cattery in Saratov!
Now Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko in Talan family :)
Despite the fact that there are more than six thousand kilometers between the catteries, the journey went well for Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko, and has already started to adapt to her new home :)

Why did you decide to buy this cat for breeding programs of our cattery?

Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko (13)Well, firstly, Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko is beautiful! :)
She is a large cat with massive paws, excellent coat and with beautiful expressive eyes!
Her bottomless emerald eyes can not leave people around her indifferent to her beauty!

The second argument - an excellent pedigree with famous ancestors of in several generations!
Her pedigree has excellent blood lines (current titles):

  • her mother – European Champion WCF  Angelur Shalunya!
  • parents of her father are also titled cats:
    World Champion WCF  Iskander Sladkoe Pyatnyshko
    and European Champion WCF  Charovnitza Sladkoe Pyatnyshko
  • parents of her mother are also owners of high titles:
    Grand International Champion WCF  Eger Onix Gloria
    and Grand International Champion WCF  Angelur Marusya

There are a few World Champions in the pedigree of Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko:

  • World Champion WCF  Iskander Sladkoe Pyatnyshko;
  • World Champion WCF  Tzvetana Sladkoe Pyatnyshko;
  • World Champion WCF  Iriska Onix Gloria!

Should also be noted, and this is a weighty argument for professional breeders - potential buyers of kittens that Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko does not have ancestors of pointed colors!

The third and very powerful argument in favor of Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko - her charming kittens, which she gave birth before arrival to our cattery!  
This charming mom-cat gives all her beauty and charm to her kittens!
Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko (12)
What are our plans by the end of 2017?
Let's start with the fact that in April 2017, we with Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko are going to take part in international cat show!
After visiting the exhibition, we will share our results!
Follow the news on our website! :)

In the summer 2017, we plan to get offspring from Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko and our World Champion WCF Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri!
We accept applications from professional breeders for kittens from this pair!
Do not miss the chance to have perspective kittens in your cattery!
Specify in your application what kitten are you interested in from this breeding pair and send your application via the contact form on TALAN cattery official website:
After receipt of your application for a kitten, the breeder will contact you to sign the contract!

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