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Our Siberian male-cats

Siberian male cats of our cattery are not available for mating with other people's cats.
Buy Siberian cat male for breeding from our Siberian cats cattery Talan is only possible if your cattery is located at a minimum distance of 1000 km.
All Siberian male cats, bought as pets, leaving the cattery already sterilized.

All Siberian male cats of the cattery tested for kidney and heart diseases (PKD, HCM ultrasonic), as well as for immunodeficiency and panleukopenia (FeLV, FIV) with negative results.

Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri
Title: World Champion (WCF)
Sex: male (1.0)
Date of birth: November 14, 2012
Breed: Siberian cat (SIB)
Color: black mackerel tabby (n 23)
Father: Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) Calvin Slavicat (SIB n 24)
Mother: Gr.Int.Ch. (WCF) Lapochka-Dochka Dostoyanie Sibiri (SIB n 23)
Breeder: Radzhabova Larisa
Owner: Ermolina Natalia

  Vologda Lace Zal'Dar
Sex: male (1.0)
Date of birth: January 01, 2018
Breed: Siberian cat (SIB)
Color: brown classic tabby (n 22)
Father: Gr.E.Ch. (WCF) Vologda Lace Jowly (SIB n 21 33)
Mother: Ch. (WCF) Vologda Lace Praskov'ya (SIB n 24)
Breeder: M. Shcherbakova, Malyshev
Owner: Ermolina Natalia

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