Siberian cat - about breed.

Siberian cat charms, fascinates and captivates with its beauty and majesty!
In this article, we will focus on the Siberian cat, on its exterior, on the breed standard.
After reading this article, you will learn how to distinguish the truly pedigreed Siberian cat from its less purebred brother.
I will give in this article some information about the standard of the breed and I will illustrate this article with photographs of my Siberian cats.

Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri

You are looking at the photo of stud of Siberian cats cattery Talan.
This magnificent and majestic cat’s
A large cat with strong bones,
with large round paws and with the head of right shape - a brilliant representative of the Siberian breed.
This cat many times received awards
at international cat exhibitions
and won the highest marks and titles.
The competent international judges
with the highest qualifications
believe that Lazar is absolutely meets the standards of the Siberian breed.

Siberian cat. Its beauty is the result of the evolution.

The beauty of this breed - the result of the evolution of the animal in the process of adaptation to the severe environmental conditions, in which ancestors of animal lived for centuries.
Long severe snowy winters presented Siberian cats with an extraordinary coat with a thick undercoat and very strong muscular limbs with large round paws, allowing to travel long distances on snow effortlessly.
Some people believe that tufts of hair between the toes on paws of all Siberian cats - is nothing else, as a legacy of the forest and steppe cats, which have not yet got rid of Siberians in the process of evolution.
I have my own point of view on this matter.
Considering the habitat of the ancestors of this breed, I came to the conclusion that the tufts of hair between the toes - rather gained a bonus in the process of evolution, which allows representatives of the Siberian breed to increase the contact area with snow.
What is the easiest to overcome the snow-covered space with deep snow?
On narrow skis or wide snowshoes?
You know the answer :)
No matter what statement would be correct, but the fact is that these tufts add charm and charisma to already magnificent breed of cats!

Siberian cat - the owner of a super fur!

It should also be noted that the feature of the coat of Siberian cats is its ability to almost no absorb moisture. 
This fact allows representatives of the Siberian breed to maintain a perfect appearance without any problems.

Siberian cat grows up to 12 kilograms!

Siberian cats - it's quite large animals. Female cats, as befits the fairer sex - a little less. Male cats - larger. The standard weight of Siberian cats is about six kilograms. Male cats, in some cases up to double the weight of the female cats (grow up to 12 kilograms)!
If you see in front of you a Siberian cat, then rest assured that, if you decide to take him/her in your arms, the animal will fulfill all your expectations about its weight.
If you took an animal on your hands, and it's easier than you think when you looked at it, then it is unlikely not a purebred Siberian.
Purebred Siberian cat due to the fact that it has wide and strong bones always weighs more than expected :)