Siberian kitten

Siberian kitten is the charm of Siberia! The ancestors of this kitten are forest cats and domestic cats that lived in the expanses of Siberia. You can see in the photo a typical purebred Siberian kitten. It can not be called a little kitty, even at the age of three months. A Siberian kitten has strong bones and large paws with tufts between the fingers. I am sure that you will not be able to confuse it with representatives of another breed! Rate the splendor of Siberian cats!

Siberian kitten photo

All photos of Siberian kittens and Siberian cats used in this article are photos of animals from my Siberian cats cattery Talan. In this article I tell in more detail about the Siberian breed of cats, its character, fur, colors, feeding, care, price, nurseries, and also show a lot of photos of Siberian kittens of different ages. Are you intrigued?

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I can talk about the nature of the Siberian cats for hours! Despite their “wild” origins, they behave like real aristocrats. They are calm and do well in stressful situations, such as participating in cat shows or moving to a new home. Cats of this breed are loyal and friendly. It is also worth noting that they are excellent hunters, even if their prey is a toy mouse. Breeders have been working with this breed for more than 40 years, but these cats still remember the habits of their ancestors. They like to be in the fresh air, so we even built a special enclosure for safe walks.

Siberian kitten photo

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Fur and Grooming

Siberian cats’ fur - the royal coat with a thick double undercoat. The fur length varies from medium to long. Short-haired Siberian cats do not exist. Fluffy tail makes a Siberian kitten inimitable among the cats!
The fur of Siberian cats is so beautiful that there is a misconception “fluffy kitten = Siberian breed”. Therefore, you can find the phrase "Siberian fold-eared kitten," although, of course, people are just looking for a Scottish Fold Longhair kitten.

Also, their wool has no smell, which is an undoubted advantage in all respects!
It should be noted that a Siberian kitten has a super-fur coat, which is not afraid of moisture. Your sweet creature will look perfect in any weather. Severe snowy Siberian winters, in the process of evolution, gave a truly royal gifts to this wonderful breed.
It will be enough to regularly comb the Siberian cat to maintain the beauty and health of its fur. But, if you are preparing to take part with your Siberian cat in a cat show, then be prepared to regularly wash it with special shampoos. Show career requires it.

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This is an aboriginal breed of cats, so it has a list of forbidden colors. Usually, these are colors that could only be obtained by mating Siberian cats with other breeds of cats. For example: lilac, cinnamon, fawn, and their combinations with white, as well as the "burmese" colors. Traditional colors (solid and patterned, color-point, as well as their variations with white) are allowed.

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Blue Colors

Blue color - one of the most popular and common in the Siberian breed of cats. Siberian kittens of blue color are distinguished by a very beautiful “gray” shimmer, ashy tone of a fur coat. Add more stripes or spots - and get a surprisingly beautiful beast!

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Blue Spotted Tabby (a 24)

In 2016, our Vita gave birth to the charming litter of Siberian kittens "F" from Villi. There was a blue spotted kitten in this litter. This kitty looked almost blue. Only the spots on his body showed that he was spotted. Eye color is orange.

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Black Colors

Black color - a darker version of blue. This is one of the most common shades of Siberian cats. Saturated color without brown shade is very valuable.

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Black Classic Tabby (n 22)

It is always very easy to recognize Siberian kittens of black classic tabby color by the following features:

  • They have the letter “M” on their foreheads;
  • They also have a long strip along the entire spine;
  • They have 2 long strips on the sides (they should be located parallel to the strip on the spine);
  • They have continuous “necklaces” around the neck;
  • They have butterflies on their shoulders;
  • They have beautiful wide circles on the sides;
  • They have 2 rows of “buttons” of the main color on the belly.

Look at this handsome man! This is a new breeding cat of our cattery. His name is Zaldar. I added a few of his photos at different ages so that you can see the development of color as the kitten grows. Eye color is orange.

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Black Mackerel Tabby (n 23)

This is the color of my first Siberian cat - Lazar. Lazar is my great love, my pride. The first World Champion according to the international WCF system in our cattery and a multiple winner of cat shows. Representatives of this color have a number of similarities with the black classic tabby color, which I described above:

  • They also have the letter “M” on their foreheads;
  • They also have “buttons” on the belly;
  • They also have stripes on their legs;
  • They also have stripes on the tail.

But the distinguishing feature is that they do not have stripes on the body at all. This color is the most common color of Siberian cats. It is the wildest variety of patterned (tabby) colors in this breed. Eye color is orange. I also added some photos of Lazar’s children of the same color.

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Black Spotted Tabby (n 24)

As I already wrote above, cats of a spotty color have clear dark spots on the sides. These spots should be rounded. The older a kitten becomes - the clearer its spots should be. An adult Siberian cat with large round clear spots on the sides is ideal. Eye color is orange.

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Black Mackerel Tabby with White (n 23 09)

Often at exhibitions you can see Siberian cats that have one or more white spots on the body. This is called “non-specific white spot” and is referred to as 09 in the color code. These colors are recognized, such cats can take part in exhibitions and become winners. Just in their color there is a bit of white (white spotting) on ​​any part of the body (non-specific location).
In 2018, our Champion Tiramisu, who also has non-specific white spot in color, gave birth to two kittens with non-specific white spots from Lazar. Despite the fact that their colors are coded and called the same (black mackerel tabby with white - n 23 09), they look different because of the different distribution of white in color. Eye color is orange.

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Black Spotted Tabby with White (n 24 09)

Similar to the previous color, Siberian kittens of black spotted with white color have a little white in their color. Eye color is orange. Now I will show you Tiramisu - the cat-mother from the previous paragraph.

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Black Silver Spotted Tabby (ns 24)

Silver-colored Siberian cats have a base of fur colored white. Therefore, they look a little lighter than cats of the same color, but without silver. Eye color is orange.

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Red Colors

Ruddy Siberian kitten is the sun! Bright and positive! It fills the house with happiness! The red color, as it is properly called, depends on the gene O (orange). Since this gene is located on chromosome X, this color is closely related to the sex of the animal. Therefore, male cats are black or red, but female cats can be black and red at the same time (tortie colors). I will tell about it a bit later.

Adult Siberian cats and cats often have a dark orange eye color. This eye color is a disadvantage for Siberian cats of other colors.

If your Siberian cat has a bright red color without gray stripes and brown spots, then be sure that it will definitely not be ignored at cat shows!

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Red Tabby Point (d 21 33)

In 2016, our fiery beauty Kamellia gave birth to a charming red tabby point kitten from Villi. A feature of this color is the presence of color-point gene. This gene is responsible for the "Siamese color scheme." Have you ever seen Siamese cats? The hair on their body is colored white, except for certain parts of the body (ears, tail, paws and muzzle). These parts are called "points". Color-point Siberian cats are called Neva masquerade cats.

Neva Masquerade kitten, which we named Zimushka, had points of red color. On her forehead was the letter "M", which is typical for tabby colors, and on her face, paws and tail were stripes and rings. The color of the eyes is blue.

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Red Spotted Tabby (d 24)

Red spotted Siberian kittens know how to charm any person! It happened to me. The first "orange" kitten was born in my cattery in autumn 2014. His name was Villi Talan. As soon as I saw him, I knew for sure - he stays with us. The small, fluffy kitten had a very showy color. He reminded me of a little sun. The older he got, the brighter his color became. And then the same story happened to his daughter - Zabava. They are my bright Champions and the rays of the sun! Eye color is orange.

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Red Silver Spotted Tabby (ds 24)

In 2018, Zabava gave birth to 5 charming Siberian kittens of red silver spotted tabby color. They look almost like their mother, but a bit lighter due to the presence of silver in their color. Eye color is orange.

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Tortoiseshell or Tricolor Colors

If you see a Siberian cat in front of you, the coat of which is evenly colored in spots of several colors (black-red, blue-cream), then you have a tortoise-colored cat. Such tricolor cats, according to legends, bring happiness!
Usually, when we say “tortoiseshell cat,” we mean a female cat.

But, as it turned out, male cats can also have a tortie color. This is very rare and, as a rule, such male cats are sterile.

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Black Tortie Spotted Tabby (f 24)

The Siberian black tortir spotted tabby kitten can has spots of red and black color throughout the body. It is important to note that there are no requirements for the amount of red in the color. So, such a kitten can be completely black, except for one finger. But it will still be considered as tortie. Its paw pads and nose mirror are colored black or brown, sometimes spotted pink. Eye color is orange.

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Black Tortie Spotted Tabby with White (f 24 09)

Above, I already wrote about the colors of Siberian cats with white. Requirements for the Siberian kitten of black tortie spotted tabby with white color are put forward the same as for this color without white (see point above). A small amount of white makes this color even more magical!

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Black Silver Tortie Spotted Tabby (fs 24)

Siberian black silver tortie spotted tabby kitten has spots of red and black color throughout the body. But, due to the fact that it has silver in color (the base of each of its hairs is colored white), this color looks a bit lighter than black tortie spotted tabby without silver. Take a look at the photo of my charming Eva Talan - an excellent representative of this color! Do you see how lighter she is?

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Blue Tortie Spotted Tabby (g 24)

Siberian kitten of blue tortie spotted tabby color has spots of blue and cream colors all over its body. As in the case of black tortoise color, there are no clear requirements for the ratio of these two colors. The color of the paw pads and nose is blue or spotted with pink. Eye color is orange. Look at the Siberian beauty Janet, she now lives in Switzerland.

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Blue Tortie Spotted Tabby with White (g 24 09)

The blue tortie spotted tabby with white color is very beautiful! A luxurious blue fur coat with cream spots, orange eyes and neat white socks - this is how I can describe the color of the Siberian cat Marta Talan. Marta was born in 2017 from a pair of Villi and Tiramisu. Nature has very beautifully distributed white in her color, is not it? Eye color is orange.

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Every week I receive many letters with questions about how to feed a Siberian kitten.
It is very important to provide the Siberian kitten with the right balanced nutrition.
Nutrition affects the proportional and proper development of a kitten, its exterior and health.
If you adhere to my recommendations for feeding and care, then soon a big graceful Siberian cat will grow from a small Siberian kitten.
Here are my recommendations for a balanced diet that are time tested.
The diet of a cat should contain:

  • Premium dry food;
  • raw meat products (beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit meat and their offal) - at least 3 times a week;
  • rice with boiled chicken meat - 2 times a week;
  • fermented milk products (cottage cheese) - optional;
  • raw quail eggs - once a week.

Other care recommendations.
Siberian kitten must have constant access to water!
It should not be kept in a cage. He should not walk freely outside the house.
The best option for walking is a spacious enclosure.

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Veterinary Care

Siberian kitten - a living creature that requires proper care.
Proper care is not only the right (balanced diet) and constant access to water - it’s also timely veterinary care, and the right way of keeping.
You also should not forget about the comprehensive annual vaccination, as well as timely veterinary care for your fluffy miracle!
Do you have questions about the care, feeding and maintenance of the Siberian kitten?
Ask me a question that interests you - I will answer you as soon as possible.
Fill out the form - send your question:
I advise my customers not only at the stage of buying an animal.
If you have any questions after the Siberian kitten arrives at your home, I will consult you at any time!

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What does a Siberian kitten look like at different ages?

I am sure that you are interested to see how the Siberian kitten is growing and changing. As this little fluffy little ball turns into an adult no less fluffy cat.

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1 month old

From the moment of birth, the adventure of a kitten begins. And this adventure is called life. Siberian kittens are born completely blind and deaf. But, at the same time, they have excellent sense of smell and touch. This allows them to navigate in space. Now a kitten is growing and developing intensively. 95% of the time it sleeps, the remaining 5% - eats. So pass the first few weeks of its life. Somewhere in 2 weeks after birth, Siberian kittens open their eyes. Now they see and hear. For the first 4 weeks of their life, a kitten eats only milk that it receives from its mother. In rare cases - a special milk substitute.

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2 months old

At this age, a Siberian kitten actively uses its eyesight. Due to this, it is oriented in space. It used to do this with the help of the sense of smell. In the fifth week of life, its weight is 500 grams or more. Now such a kitten is already able to gnaw and digest more solid food, so it's time to accustom it to food and, accordingly, to the tray and the scraper. All these processes take place under my strict guidance, so you will not need to even think about it. When a kitten moves into your house, and this happens at the age of 3.5-4 months, you will only need to follow my feeding recommendations and feed this kitten with the food to which it is already used. At 6 weeks of age, the color of a kitten's eyes begins to change to a color that matches the color of the eyes of an adult cat of this color. Interesting fact: all kittens are born with blue eyes. A Siberian kitten at the age of 2 months is a playful, active kitten who already knows how to wash, learn to purr and communicate with people. In the eighth week of life, the weight of a Siberian kitten is 900 grams or more. Now a kitten has 30 milk teeth. Now is the time to conduct the first veterinary procedures - de-worming and the first vaccination against viruses.

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3 months old

Siberian kitten at 9 weeks is a kitten with an already formed character. But, nevertheless, as well as any child, it is sometimes thoughtless and playful. Kids at this age often arrange active games, hunt. They are curious, but cautious, because they do not yet know the "laws of this world". The weight of a Siberian kitten at this age is about 1.5 kilograms. Their vision and hearing are already fully formed. A second rabies vaccination should be given at this age.

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4 months old

Baby teeth begin to change to adult teeth. The weight of a Siberian kitten at 4 months is about 2 kilograms. Kittens already know how to use the tray and the scratching post. They eat and have their usual diet. They are also fully vaccinated and socialized. Siberian kitten at this age can move to a new owner. Eye color should already match the color. We can say that the Siberian kitten at the age of 4 months already looks like a small copy of an adult Siberian cat.

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5 months old

Baby teeth have already been partially replaced by adult teeth, so a kitten can already eat more solid food. Kitten eats 4 times a day. The weight of a kitten is about 2.5 kilograms. The process of early puberty begins, so male cats can start spraying, and female cats can have heat.

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6 months old

Now you can feed a kitten 3 times a day. It is necessary to make sure that a Siberian kitten receives enough vitamins. I recommend also to make additional deworming.

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7 months old

A Siberian kitten of 7 months is a formed and physically developed cat. Usually, at this age, kittens have the first molt, therefore I recommend regularly to comb a kitten.

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8 months old

The weight of a Siberian kitten at the age of 8 months is about 3 kilograms. Now you can feed your kitten 2 times a day (morning and evening). If you bought a Siberian kitten as a pet, then I recommend to castrate/sterilize it at this age.

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Siberian Cats of Talan Cattery

I want to tell you a little about my Siberian breeding cats. I love them very much! My Siberian cats and I take an active part in international cat shows. My breeding cats have repeatedly received high awards and titles.
I offer only high-quality purebred Siberian kittens from Champions!
Below I will tell you about my Siberian breeding cats :)
Why do you need this information if you just want to buy a Siberian kitten?
There is a Russian proverb: "The apple does not fall far from the apple tree".
If you want to know how your cute Siberian kitten will grow up - look at its parents!

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Siberian Male Cats

Now in my cattery there are three Siberian breeding cats.

Siberian cat Lazar Dostoyaniye Sibiri. He is my first Siberian cat, he is my pride.
Lazar has the title of World Champion according to the European WCF system.

Siberian kitten photo
He many times became the winner of international cat show. And his children are winners of cat shows around the world.
You can learn more about Lazar (photo, pedigree, show career, health tests) on his personal page:

Siberian cat Villi Talan - the son of Lazar. He was born in 2014 and stole my heart!
He now has the title of Grand International Champion according to the European WCF system.

Siberian kitten photo
At each cat show, he gets excellent marks and become one of the prize-winners.
You can learn more about Villi (photo, pedigree, show career, health tests) on his personal page:

Siberian cat Zal’dar Vologda Lace - our new Siberian cat. This handsome “marble” (black classic tabby) man with luxurious fur will soon begin his show career. I'm sure he will have many victories ahead!
You can learn more about Zal’dar (photo, pedigree, show career, health tests) on his personal page:

All Siberian breeding male cats are closed producers. This means that the offspring of these male cats is born only in my cattery.
These cats were examined for kidney and heart diseases (PKD, HCM ultrasonic), as well as immunodeficiency and panleukopenia (FelV, FIV) with a negative result.
I guarantee you that a kitten from my cattery will be healthy!

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Siberian Female Cats

Now in my cattery I have eight Siberian breeding female cats.

The Grand International Champion (WCF) Janina Manchzhury is the pride of my Talan cattery.
She is the first Siberian female cat that appeared in my cattery and made a brilliant career!

Siberian kitten photo
Here are a few expert reviews about her from international cat shows:

  • «Excellent promising kitten!»
  • «Lovely girl!»
  • «Perspective show cat!»
  • «Tender, trusting girl!»
  • «Wonderful show temperament!»

The high marks and the BEST OF BEST nominations speak for themselves!
More information about her here:

 Champion (WCF) Zabava Talan

This beauty is not only the star of international cat shows, but also a wonderful mom-cat!
More information about her here:

Another Champion (WCF) is Siberian cat Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko.
She came to my cattery as an adult cat, but quickly found a common language with other cats. She gave me two litters of Siberian kittens. I left some of her children in the cattery for further breeding work.
More information about Tiramisu:

Siberian cats Isabel Talan and Milaniel Talan were born in my cattery. They are excellent representatives of the Siberian breed of cats.
More information about them can be found here:

Also in my cattery live three Siberian cats that took part in our breeding work, gave me wonderful Siberian kittens and now enjoy a carefree life as a neuter.
Kamelia Vologda Lace, International Champion (WCF) Vita Manchuzhury and Zhiharka Manchzhury.

Siberian kitten photoSiberian kitten photoСибирский котенок фото

More information about them can be found here:

All my Siberian breeding female cats, as well as breeding male cats, were tested for kidney and heart diseases (PKD, HCM ultrasonic), as well as for immunodeficiency and panleukopenia (FelV, FIV) with a negative result.

I mate female breeding cats only with male breeding cats from my cattery!

If you make a deal to buy a Siberian kitten from my cattery,
you will receive a guaranteed healthy kitten,
which will be as beautiful as its parents!

A Siberian kitten, before being sent to you, will be shown to the state veterinarian at least twice.
It will have an internationally certified veterinary passport.
It will receive anthelmintic drugs.
The veterinarian will chip such a Siberian kitten, and after that, vaccinate your kitten with vaccines certified in the European Union, the United States and Canada.
Before sending a Siberian kitten to you, the specialist of the veterinary clinic will examine it!

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How much does a Siberian kitten cost directly depends on the purpose of its purchase.
I sell only high-quality purebred Siberian kittens.

  • Did you just like the breed of Siberian cats?
    Can not resist the charm of Siberian cats?
    But at the same time, you do not plan to attend international cat shows with your Siberian kitten, and also do not plan to engage in breeding?
    You can count on a substantial discount when you buy a Siberian kitten without the right of breeding.
    ● Do you really like the breed of Siberian cats?
    Are you planning to participate in international cat shows and breeding?
    Send me a request about the full cost of a kitten that interested you!
    You can send a request through the feedback form on the official website of my Siberian cats cattery TALAN:
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Where to get or buy a Siberian kitten

You have decided on the breed and want to buy a Siberian kitten. But where to get it or buy it? How to do it right? What is the difference between Siberian kittens from different breeders?

The main sites for the sale of Siberian kittens:

  • free ad classifieds (Craigslist, Avito, Yule, etc.):
    you can view all the ads for the week and choose a kitten;
  • shelters:
    you can adopt a cheap or free kitten or an adult cat to good hands, which will look like a Siberian one;
  • social networks:
    many Siberian cat breeders have their cattery pages on social networks - check their offers;
  • official cattery sites:
    professional cat catteries have official websites, where you can get acquainted with the history of the cattery, with its male cats and female cats, as well as choose a purebred Siberian kitten.

There are other sites where you can buy a Siberian kitten, but I listed the main ones above.
I recommend to choose the last option in this list - to buy a kitten through the official website of the cattery. So you can get acquainted with the registration documents of the cattery, tests of the health of your kitten's parents, and also see more photos of kittens from previous litters.

You can buy a Siberian kitten from Champions in my Siberian cats cattery Talan:

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Buy a kitten with delivery to the USA and Canada

«Buy Siberian kitten with delivery. How realistic is this?» - you may ask.  
Yes, you can count on the fact that I will arrange the delivery of a kitten you like to your country.
Siberian kitten will come to you with comfort.
Transportation will be carried out by the international animal delivery service KLM Cargo.

I will prepare a full package of documents to send a kitten.
Standard package of documents:

  • contract (in Russian and English);
  • pedigree;
  • veterinary passport of international standard with marks about chipping and vaccinations;
  • international veterinary certificate (certificate of the form №1).

The cost of this standard package of accompanying documents is included in the price of a kitten.
If you additionally need other documents - we can discuss this issue in the process of correspondence!
If you live in the cities listed below, you can count on a special delivery price.

The USA:

  • Idaho, Boise;
  • Iowa, Des Moines;
  • Alabama, Montgomery and Birmingham;
  • Alaska, Juneau and Anchorage;
  • Arizona, Phoenix;
  • Arkansas, Little Rock;
  • Wyoming, Cheyenne;
  • Washington, Olympia and Seattle;
  • Vermont, Montpelier and Burlington;
  • Virginia, Richmond and Virginia Beach;
  • Wisconsin, Madison and Milwaukee;
  • Hawaii, Honolulu;
  • Delaware, Dover and Wilmington;
  • Georgia, Atlanta;
  • West Virginia, Charleston;
  • Illinois, Springfield and Chicago;
  • Indiana, Indianapolis;
  • California, Sacramento and Los Angeles;
  • Kansas, Topeka and Wichita;
  • Kentucky, Frankfort and Louisville;
  • Colorado, Denver;
  • Connecticut, Hartford and Bridgeport;
  • Louisiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans;
  • Massachusetts, Boston;
  • Minnesota, St. Paul and Minneapolis;
  • Mississippi, Jackson;
  • Missouri, Jefferson City and Kansas City;
  • Michigan, Lansing and Detroit;
  • Montana, Helena and Billings;
  • Maine, Augusta and Portland;
  • Maryland, Annapolis and Baltimore;
  • Nebraska, Lincoln and Omaha;
  • Nevada, Carson City and Las Vegas;
  • New Hampshire, Concord and Manchester;
  • New Jersey, Trenton and Newark;
  • New York, Albany and New York;
  • New Mexico, Santa Fe and Albuquerque;
  • Ohio, Columbus and Cleveland;
  • Oklahoma, Oklahoma City;
  • Oregon, Salem and Portland;
  • Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and Philadelphia;
  • Rhode Island, Providence;
  • North Dakota, Bismarck and Fargo;
  • North Carolina, Raleigh and Charlotte;
  • Tennessee, Nashville and Memphis;
  • Texas, Austin and Houston;
  • Florida, Tallahassee and Jacksonville;
  • South Dakota, Pierre and Sioux Falls;
  • South Carolina, Colombia;
  • Utah, Salt Lake City.


  • Ontario, Toronto;
  • Quebec, Quebec and Montreal;
  • Nova Scotia, Halifax;
  • New Brunswick, Fredericton and Moncton;
  • Manitoba, Winnipeg;
  • British Columbia, Victoria and Vancouver;
  • Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown;
  • Saskatchewan, Regina and Saskatoon;
  • Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, St. Johns;
  • Northwest Territories, Yellowknife;
  • Yukon, Whitehorse;
  • Nunavut, Iqaluit.

This list is subject to change, because the conditions and price of transportation do not depend on me, but on the airline.

If you did not find your city of residence in this list, then write to me and we will discuss all the issues:

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If you decide to buy a Siberian kitten in a specialized Siberian cats cattery, then I want to please you: now there are many catteries.
These catteries are located in different countries of the world:

  • in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Perm, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Yaroslavl, Ufa, Penza, etc.);
  • in Belarus (Minsk, Brest, Mogilyov, etc.);
  • in Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lviv, etc.);
  • in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas, etc.);
  • in Canada (Toronto, London, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, etc.);
  • and in many other cities and countries!

My cattery is in Saratov (Russia), but I will help arrange the delivery of a kitten to you, even if you live in another country. Now Siberian kittens from my cattery live in many fears of the European Union, in the USA, in Canada, in Colombia.

Here on this page you can see the geography of graduates of my cattery, as well as kittens available for sale now:


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I think that above have already been able to see a huge number of photos of Siberian kittens and cats.
But this is never a lot of Siberian cats!

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I want to show you a video with small Siberian kittens. I shot this video in the first days of their lives. They are so cute, aren't they?

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Reviews from New Owners

New owners of Siberian kittens from my cattery often send me their reviews. I am very pleased to receive such letters. I want to thank them so much for their love and care for these charming kittens!

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Siberian kitten is waiting for you in TALAN!

Siberian kitten photo

Siberian kitten photo