Cat show

Dear Guest!
Cat Show – is a very important moment in the life of any cattery!
Participation in the international cat show is the main exam for the breeder!
If the breeder works hard and fulfills all of the following conditions, then such cattery owner can count on that the exhibition results will not disappoint him!
“What kind of conditions are we talking about?” – you ask.
I list a few basic conditions:
1. It is necessary to choose the right breeding cats for your cattery (if an owner of a cattery responsibly approached the buying of breeding cats for his cattery, then such cattery’s owner will be able to get good show results already at this stage)!
2. It is necessary to choose the right breeding pairs for your breeding cats (if an owner of a cattery did everything correctly when forming breeding pairs, he can count on the fact that the kittens of his breeding will participate in international cat shows with excellent results)!
3. It is necessary to provide proper care for all your cats in everyday life (if care for Siberian cats is correct, then such cats will have exhibition condition and will always be ready to participate in cat shows)!

What exhibition results do we have?
About our trophies from international cat shows you can read in our news blog: