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News of Siberian cats cattery TALAN is a category of the website in which we share information with our guests about the life of our cattery.
In this category we publish:
1) photos from the new photoshoots of our breeding Siberian cats;
2) new photos of pedigree Siberian kittens born in our cattery;
3) we tell funny stories from the life of our cats;
4) we share our impressions and moods :)
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Now Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko in Talan family :)

Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko (7)We have a new resident in our spacious TALAN house!
We decided to share our joy with you, dear visitors of our site :)
After overcoming the vast distances of our boundless Russia, Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko came to our cattery!
She began her journey to us in Vladivostok, leaving her previous home – Sidimi cattery.
And then, finally, she came to our TALAN cattery in Saratov!
Now Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko in Talan family :)
Despite the fact that there are more than six thousand kilometers between the catteries, the journey went well for Tiramisu Sladkoe Pyatnyshko, and has already started to adapt to her new home :)

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