Waiting for a miracle

Siberian kitten for sale - Photo siberian kitten black spotted tabby Agat SIB n24 siberian kittens photoIf you are reading this article, you probably decided to buy a Siberian kitten.
It is a responsible step.
Soon little treasure will live in your family and will give you all his\her attention, tenderness and fidelity.
You understand and probably already told your child, that the kitten, which will come to you -
it's not a toy, this is a new little creature, which is necessary to take care of.

So, when you are waiting for a miracle, you need to prepare the house for the arrival of a new family member.

How to properly prepare a house for the arrival of a Siberian kitten?

What do you need to take care of first?

First of all, you need to buy a kitten dishes for food and water, and make a decision about where bowls will stand. Buy dry food on the recommendation of the breeder (I feed my cats with dry superpremium class food - tm Sanabelle, made in Germany). I want to pay your attention to the fact that the Siberian kitten and adult Siberian cats need to eat not just dry food! The best option - it is a balanced diet. In addition to dry superpremium class food, I also feed my Siberian cats with raw meat, quail eggs and cottage cheese.

Also, a kitten should have regular access to clean water! Proper nutrition - it's a guarantee that your Siberian kitten will develop properly and will grow into a magnificent animal!

Secondly, you need to buy a special litter box (WC) for hygienic filling, a special shovel for sifting sorbent, and also the hygienic filling for cat’s litter box.

Never place a bowl with water and food near the cat’s litter box! Even if your Siberian kitten will stay in the one room in an apartment or house for some time, you need to make the distribution of space into areas: an area for food; an area for cat’s litter box; an area for claws sharpeners (scratching posts); relaxation area.

As you already understood, is not enough to buy only dishes, food, pot and sorbent for cat’s litter box before the arrival of a kitten.

You will also need:

  • Scratching posts;
  • Bed (special place for kitten);
  • A special clippers for cutting claws (guillotine for claws);
  • Special combs for wool (brushes and slickers);
  • Toys for a kitten.

For all questions relating to the proper use of guillotines for claws, combs and slickers for Siberian cats, and for all questions related to the proper care of the little Siberian kitten, please contact me and I will provide you with detailed information by phone or in the correspondence.

As you can see, buying of a small Siberian kitten - is not only responsible step, but also an expensive event, to which you need to prepare financially.

Why is pedigreed Siberian kitten so expensive?

The answer is more than obvious.

To appear high-quality Siberian kitten breeder should spend their time not just for growing kitten from birth to the moment of moving him to another house. Also, a kitten has mother-cat and father-cat, which require large investments of resources on their maintenance and participation in international cat shows.

Not everyone can afford to keep even one Siberian cat!

If you are not afraid of the financial component, and you firmly convinced that your boundless love for the little furry creatures is higher than mercantile calculations - write, call,
I will help you to choose kitten which will suit your temperament!